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AnSteel, China
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Solutions for competitive steelmaking


Engineering, Supply, and Start-up of metallurgical treatment plants for liquid metal aiming to remove impurities is one of key competences of Küttner’s department HT-2:


  • Hot Metal Pretreatment for Desiliconization (De-Si), Dephosphorization (De-P), and Desulphuriztaion (De-S) of Hot Metal in torpedos or open ladles based on injection technology or mechanical KR stirring systems.
  • Screening of converter lime to improve the converter process. The screened lime fines can be beneficially utilized as raw material to produce Flow-Lime for the pretreatment (De-S, De-Si, De-P) of hot metal.
  • Combined Blowing Technology with TBM (converter bottom stirring) to reduce the oxygen content, the slag {Fe}-content, and to improve dephosphorization.
  • Sublance systems serve for automatic sampling, temperature and oxygen measurement, as well as bath level detection for the BOF.
  • Off-gas Analysis systems measure the composition of the converter off-gas which is then used to calculate the carbon content in the bath.
  • Metallurgical Level-2 OTCBM (Optimized ThyssenKrupp Converter Blowing Model) for automatic BOF steelmaking.
  • Endpoint Prediction and Endpoint Control for carbon, temperature, and phosphorous to allow direct tapping.
  • Dynamic Blowing Control for optimized blowing lance control and minimized slopping and spitting.
  • Liquid Steel Desulphurization Plants for ultra-low final sulphur contents of < 10 ppm.
  • BOF Slag Treatment and Processing Plants for volume stabilization of BOF slags in order to allow reutilization of the slag for road and water-way construction.